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MInd Body neurology® 

WELCOME TO Mind body neurology® 

Discover how improving your body health will result in healthy brain

A custom plan and nutrition crafted to work with your metabolic type.

Comprehensive laboratory assessment, personal one-on-one training to help you to achieve heath that your deserve. 


Forget taking supplements because they are "good for you".

Personalized diet and supplementation based on your metabolism through advance laboratory testing

eat food that delights you.

Personalized diet that works for your body and not somebody else's who wrote a book about it. 

OPtimize your hormones.
Feel great.

Restore your vitality through optimization of your hormones

Forget taking numerous supplements
and not getting results.

100% Virtual

We work with people across the globe and show them how to correct their environment, lifestyle, mindset and nutrition.


We do not use a cookie cutter approach. Our management is based on your individual story, advanced laboratory data, and  your response.

Advanced Laboratory Testing

We use the most advanced functional medicine laboratory assessments of cellular metabolism, gut biome, food intolerance, and others.

a new way to think about health

Learn how to sustain your health even after the completion of the program

Mind Body Neurology

forget just spending thousands on supplements.

Personalized evaluation will provide you with targeted nutritional intervention, including supplements that will change based on your body's response. 


Environmental training

Learn how to adjust you environment for the optimal health.


Lifestyle optimization

Learn how your lifestyle affects your health and how to optimize it.


Mindset optimization

Learn how to optimize your mindset in order to achieve optimal health. 

a new way to think about health

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