Dr. Alexander Y. Zubkov, M.D., PhD, a Minneapolis-based peptide therapy specialist, offers an array of advanced functional medicine peptide treatments.
These therapies are at the forefront of redefining our approach to health, aging, recovery, and performance, offering new perspectives and possibilities in wellness and healing.

Peptides serve as precise messengers, directing cells and molecules with targeted instructions, offering a more efficient option compared to conventional medicine. Their specificity means they're generally well-received by the body, resulting in fewer side effects. With age, our natural production of essential amino acids diminishes. These amino acids are the building blocks for peptides, which are crucial for numerous bodily functions. Peptide therapy have a significant impact on how your body responds to diet, exercise, healing, and immune responses. Some peptides even boost the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is essential for maintaining strength, energy, skin elasticity, hair growth, and many other aspects of aging.

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Learn How Peptide Therapy Can Enhance Minneapolis Patients Quality of Life:

Dr. Alexander Y. Zubkov, MD, PhD, a Minneapolis-based peptide therapy specialist, offers cutting-edge personalized peptide treatments to Hennepin County residents seeking innovative solutions for healing, aging, recovery, immunity, weight management, sexual wellness, stamina, and overall performance.

Customized Peptide Treatment Plans for Hennepin County Men and Women:

Peptides, essential components of proteins, are chains of amino acids that trigger potent regenerative processes in your body. These include stimulating collagen production, supporting muscle repair, speeding up injury recovery, fostering weight loss and muscle growth, boosting growth hormone levels, and improving sexual health. Dr. Alexander Y. Zubkov, MD, PhD, is committed to comprehending your unique health requirements and collaboratively developing a tailored peptide therapy strategy that reflects your medical background, lifestyle, and goals.

AOD 9604

AOD9604, originally developed as an anti-obesity medication, promotes weight loss by activating the pituitary gland, which in turn accelerates metabolism and enhances fat breakdown. Additionally, this peptide plays a role in maintaining blood sugar and insulin balance, and it supports muscle development.

BPC 157

BPC 157, a peptide known for its healing properties, accelerates health and recovery by promoting blood vessel production. It effectively heals gastrointestinal issues, including ulcers, reduces inflammation, and aids in the recovery of bones, tendons, and joints. Additionally, it improves blood circulation to injuries, ensuring a comprehensive healing process from head to toe.


Inflammation disrupts your body's healing mechanisms, delaying recovery and leading to pain and swelling. Thymulin, a peptide produced by the thymus gland, combats inflammation by inhibiting the creation of inflammatory agents triggered by injury.

CJC 1295

CJC1295 is a synthetic compound that boosts plasma levels of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1. Paired with Ipamorelin, it leads to collagen renewal, enhanced healing and recovery, as well as greater muscle mass and function.


Ipamorelin is highly valued for its effectiveness and precision, directly influencing human growth hormone to facilitate healing and repair, while avoiding the stress hormone release and appetite increase typically associated with similar peptides.

MK 677

Known as Ibutamoren, MK-677 is gaining popularity among athletes for its ability to boost growth hormone levels without triggering a rise in cortisol, leading to enhanced bone density, improved sleep, better cognitive function, and muscle growth.


Epitalon, often hailed as the "fountain of youth" peptide, offers a wide range of anti-aging benefits. It improves resistance to free radicals, boosts skin health, enhances sleep quality, aids in disease prevention, rejuvenates muscle cells, increases stress resilience, extends lifespan, and more.


DSIP peptide, or Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide, is a neuropeptide that promotes restorative delta-wave sleep, regulates sleep patterns, and aids in stress management, without the side effects of typical sleep aids. Its role in sleep and endocrine regulation makes it a key focus in peptide research.


Dihexa is a peptide known for its brain-boosting potential. It works by enhancing the activity of a growth factor that's key for brain cell repair and development. This could help improve memory and cognitive functions, especially in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases. 

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Benefits of Peptide Therapy for Faster Healing and Recovery

Accelerated healing

Peptides enhance healing and new cell growth, offering a quick recovery from injuries and a boost in performance, particularly for athletes.

Faster Recovery

Peptides trigger the body's own growth hormone production, enhancing injury healing and prevention through the regenerative benefits of increased growth hormone levels.

Reduce pain and inflammation

Peptide therapy minimizes pain and inflammation, enabling more intense workouts without risk of bodily harm. It also lessens joint inflammation, promoting pain-free movement.

Stimulate collagen production

Peptide therapy enhances the proliferation and distribution of fibroblasts, essential cells for producing collagen, the structural protein foundational to your skin, bones, and connective tissues.

Injury and recovery
what are peptides?
Frequently asked questions

Benefits Of Peptides for Injury and Illness

Peptides activate your growth hormones and factors, enhancing your body's natural healing and rejuvenation capabilities. This makes them a superior choice over stronger medications that only address symptoms without tackling the underlying issue. Tailored peptides for your recovery specifically aim at your growth hormones to maximize healing efficiency.

With a healthcare expert's guidance, the correct dosage and use of Recovery Peptides can:

Stimulate blood and oxygen flow
Enhance muscle mass
Regulate hormones
Accelerate wound healing
Aid in sleep, mood, and energy
Foster good gut health and metabolism
Boost anti-inflammatory responses
Support muscle growth and repair
Elevate nutrient absorption
Help fight disease
Improve immune system function
Support cognitive function
Rejuvenate cellular function

What Are Peptides?

Peptides, composed of amino acid sequences, function within your body to modulate various hormones crucial for your survival and overall health. These hormones encompass:

Vasopressin, a hormone secreted by the hypothalamus that normalizes how water functions in your cells, vessels, and organs.
Oxytocin, provided by the pituitary gland, which releases to aid in childbirth and breastfeeding.
Defensins, which are the powerhouse hormones that drive your immune system and wound healing abilities.
Angiotensins, these stimulate your kidney’s sodium retention and regulate your blood pressure.

Peptides naturally occur in your body, and our professionally synthesized products mirror these biological molecules. Administered by a certified medical professional, peptide injections are associated with numerous health advantages, including symptom relief, addressing underlying conditions, and fostering preventive care for a thorough and rapid recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are peptides administered?

Peptides can be administered in several ways:

Subcutaneous injections into fat tissue
Intravenous path directly to the bloodstream
Topically through creams, foams, and ointments
Orally with pills or sublingual liquids
Nasally, using a spray

Peptide Expert Alexander Y. Zubkov, MD, PhD, will assess your individual needs and aspirations to identify the peptide administration method that aligns best with your lifestyle and wellness objectives.

Are peptides safe?

Yes, peptides are safe and essential for bodily functions, naturally occurring in the food we eat.

To harness their benefits effectively, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate peptide supplement and dosage. Our knowledgeable specialists are here to assist you. We’ll evaluate your unique health profile and medical history to recommend the most suitable peptide supplement for your wellness journey.

Which peptide should I use?

Navigating the vast peptide landscape can seem daunting at first glance. The optimal step towards enhancing your health and wellbeing is to engage with our specialists. They possess the expertise to guide you to the perfect peptide supplement that aligns with your individual requirements.

When will I feel better? How often do I need treatment?

Feeling better with peptide therapy can begin in just a few weeks, with many clients reporting early benefits. For the full therapeutic impact, a period of 3 to 6 months is generally expected as your body fully integrates the peptides for repair and regeneration.

Your treatment may start with frequent doses, which could be adjusted over time. Remember, a personalized plan from your healthcare provider is essential for the best outcome.

Are peptides steroids?

No, peptides are not steroids. While steroids are synthetic hormones that can quickly build muscle and aid recovery, they come with a host of potential side effects. Peptides, however, work harmoniously with your body, prompting it to naturally produce hormones. This means you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced body functions without the drawbacks associated with steroids.

What is peptide ‘stacking’?

Peptide stacking is the art of harmonizing multiple peptides to maximize their collective benefits. It’s a tailored approach to boost your body’s innate capacity for recovery and health. 

At Mind Body Neurology, our peptide connoisseurs are eager to assist you in constructing a stacking strategy that’s both secure and potent. Let’s collaborate to elevate your wellbeing to new heights.

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Minneapolis Integrative and Functional Medicine doctor, Alexander Y. Zubkov, MD, PhD, treats men and women using cutting-edge peptide therapies in Hennepin County and Bloomington, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Chanhassen, Crystal, Eden Prairie, Edina, Excelsior, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Minnetrista,  New Hope, Plymouth, Orono, Robbinsdale, Rogers, St. Louis Park, Saint Paul, Eagan, Victoria, Waconia, Woodbury, Coon Rapids, Burnsville, Blaine, Lakeville, St. Cloud, Stillwater, Hudson, River Falls, Chaska, and Shakopee.